Old Fashion Peach Wine

Peach wine is definitely a golden treasure, especially for those who love the taste of peaches. It is an excellent way to use up a ton of peaches,  especially those that are too bruised for fruit pies. The riper the fruit, the better!

This  summer wine recipe was adapted from Delilah’s Every Day Soul: Southern Cooking with Style by Delilah Winder, 2006.

If you do not have any wine making equipment, this old fashion recipe will take more time, but will produce a sweet tasting golden wine.

Yields approximately 1 1/2 quarts

8  quarts of ripe peaches, pitted, roughly chopped
6 cups sugar
2  (1/4 ounce) packages of dry active yeast
1 cup water

Add the peaches to a 2 to 3 gallon stoneware crock. A stainless steel stockpot can also be used. Cover with cheesecloth or a lid.

To begin the fermenting process, set the  crock or pot  in a cool,  dry area for three weeks.

After three weeks, pour the fermented fruit through a strained into another clean container, discarding all the solids, such as the peach flesh, skin, etc. Thoroughly clean the crock or the stockpot and pour the strained fruit juice back into crock or stockpot. Add the sugar, the dry active yeast, and water.  Cover with the cheesecloth or lid and once again, set the crock or stockpot in a cool, dry place for another three weeks.

Periodically check the wine and skim of any foam that will arise to the top of the vessel.

Carefully strain the wine and decant into wine bottles and cork. Don’t forget  to add a label  to your wine bottles with the date it was created!

Cellar the wine in a cool area for a minimum of three months before tasting  it for your enjoyment.


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