Eating Healthy on a Budget: The Farmer’s Market

This season, enjoy the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables. Take the time to shop at your local farmers market and shop for produce that adds colorful nutrition to your Summer menus.


Nutrients are at their  peak when produce is just picked , so fruits and vegetables from the farmers market is just bursting with healthy flavors.So here are some tips for shopping at your local farmer’s market:

  •  Go early in the morning, when the selection is best.


  •  Bring your own reusable bags and a cooler with ice,if the produce is going to be left in a car for a few hours
    after purchase.


  •  Try a new vegetable that you have not tried before, such as Japanese eggplant or gooseberries.


  •  Select the most brightly colored produce, because it’s often the most healthiest, like yellow tomatoes or orange bell peppers.


  • When buying greens in bunches, look for leaves that
    are bright and crisp.


  • In selecting berries, especially blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries, make sure that they are firm and dry to the touch.


  •  Always be flexible when shopping in a farmers market. Seasonal produce selection will change from week to week.


  • Make sure you talk with the vendors, because they know a lot about their products and may even offer a recipe or two.



To find a farmers market near you, use the U. S. Department of Agriculture’s link at:

Input your ZIP code to find locations, hours, and other details.


You can also search for farmers markets at: