The Food Diaries:Pizza Rock



So this place was highly recommended. The owners of this joint had the vision of taking pizza to the next level, Pizza Rock was born from the creative minds of three best friends: George Karpaty, Tony Gemignani, and Trevor Hewitt. Combining George and Trevor’s nightlife expertise (Ruby Skye, San Francisco) with Tony’s pizza making expertise (11-time World Pizza Champion, Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, San Francisco), Pizza Rock is pizza artisan meets nightlife energy. This is not your traditional pizzeria.

The owners brought this unique concept to Sacramento, California. Pizza Rock features gourmet pizzas in a variety of styles, hand-crafted artisan cocktails, and an extensive beer and wine list; all served up in an artistic and energetic atmosphere.


The restaurant offers a variety of Italian and American pizza styles including Neapolitan, Classic Italian, Classic American, Sicilian, Roman, and Gluten Free.

All of the Sicilian pizzas are baked in a Marsal Gas Brick Oven and prepared with VINE RIPENED TOMATO SAUCE and mozzarella cheese.

I went for “The Butcher Shop” Pizza. A Sicilian Style Meat Lover’s Pizza dressed with Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Salami, Pepperoni, Bacon, Linguica, Sausage, Mortadella, Hot Coppa, and Prosciutto.



At about $23.00 for a medium pizza, it was enough for 2 people and very tasty, and all the ingredients were FRESH…..but the crust was very tough and too chewy for my taste and I believe it was due to the dough being overworked. Pizza Rock cannot compare with the pizzas of NYC….especially with John’s on Bleecker Street in the Village. As any one knows the secret to NYC Pizza is the water…..

As you walk into the establishment, you are greeted by a hostess behind a functional red steel craftsman cabinet.  Business cards for shift managers and menus are on full display for the customer. Baker shelves line the wall showcasing pizza cookbooks and Pizza Rock T-shirts for sale. There are also dining amenities,  a bowl for after dinner mints and pre- wrapped toothpicks.

The staff is young and friendly and hip. Service wDSC04268as great. The decor is whimsically Americana Gothic, but environmentally conscious using LED lighting. The highlight of the decor is a full trucker’s cab perched above the bar. There is a state of the art sound system that can support a DJ and live bands. There are booths, tall bar tables with chairs, and a patio with  outdoor tables to enjoy the view from the vibrant K Street.  The brick walls gives an air of authenticity of being a pizzeria and the ceiling over the brick oven is that of industrial steel. There are also plenty of big flat screen televisions for you sports fans. The bathrooms were spotless.

Pizza Rock is open for business for Lunch with Happy Hour and Live Music during the week. There are also weekly specials. And for the younger crowd, Pizza Rock is open until 3 am Fridays and Saturdays. The establishment also offers Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

Overall, this is not your average pizzeria, but an experience. I would definitely come back here for another pie!