Pumpkin Butter Roll

I have to admit, as a home cook, I do not like wasting anything in the kitchen…..

October should be National Pumpkin Month, given that the gourd is in peak season right now, just in time for Halloween and all of those jack-o-lanterns that will be doting the neighborhoods, greeting Trick or Treaters……

But I digress…..

When carving all those pumpkins, you are going to have plenty of pulp and seeds left over. You can make spiced pumpkin cupcakes, spiced pumpkin tea, or even make a puree and freeze it to be used next month in those Thanksgiving pies.

But I like “playing” with food. Instead of making a traditional Southern Butter Roll, I added just a touch of pumpkin puree to the dough and created a Pumpkin Butter Roll with a caramelized milk soaking sauce topped off with confectionary milk glaze.

And it was surprisingly delicious…….