St. Patrick’s Day

Just as Spring is right around the corner, many people are wearing green  and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day  with  parades and food on this day, March 17, 2015.  And speaking of food, there is nothing better than traditional Irish food to comfort your soul on a celebratory day.

My paternal Grandmother was half Irish and a pretty good cook. And her elder brother was born of St. Paddy’s Day, to boot. There are childhood memories of the warm smell of Irish soda bread floating through her  house.  And mixed in with the smell of baking bread was  the smell of corned beef coming from the stove. The colcannon and the steamed cabbage  was ready to be served.

Based on my Grandmother’s recipes, here is my version of traditional Irish food served on St. Patrick’s Day, shared among family and friends.

You can find the recipes in my new cookbook , “The Celebration of Spring available now as an e-book at www.  Just follow the link:

corned beef                                                             Corned Beef


corned beef 2Corned Beef, Colcannon and Steamed Cabbage

DSC07250 DSC07263 DSC07259

Irish Soda Bread