Georgia Golden Peach Fried Chicken

Earlier this year, in January, KFC introduced another chicken offering on it’s menu in selected markets.

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Photo Credit: KFC, YumBrands! 2017

In reading my review, you can see that I was a little bit underwhelmed by the last year’s menu offering of their version of Nashville Hot Chicken. It was mildly okay. However, for the general public, many found KFC’s version still too spicy.

This year, it is KFC’s Georgia Gold, which is extra crispy chicken slathered in a honey-mustard sauce that soaks into the batter’s crunchy crevices. As an option, KFC also provides the sauce as a separate item for its chicken tenders. To be perfectly honest, it was pretty good, served with dill pickles, a hot biscuit and the traditional sweet and creamy southern style coleslaw, KFC is known for. It is so good that is taste more like a homemade meal rather that fast food.

With that being said, I just had to see if I could recreate something similar in my “laboratory” at home.

The result was a much more satisfying meal and I think I nailed it, at least the family thinks so.

I am still tweaking the recipe, but for now, here is the resulting dish.

DSC01076-Georgia Golden Peach Fried Chicken-otm@tk

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