Eating Healthy on a Budget: Picnics

After a long and dreary Winter……
ImageThere is no better way to celebrate Spring, the warmer weather and the great outdoors than with an impromptu picnic. Make alfresco dining effortless with these ideas for your next blanket buffet:

  •  Line the bottom of your cooler with frozen water bottles to keep perishable foods chilled, especially if they contain mayonnaise. The bottles can perform double duty—once they defrost, drink up and quench your thirst!


  • Instead of messy salads that are not so portable, make salad skewers. Thread cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, fresh basil leaves, chunks of fresh mozzarella and any other fresh vegetables you like on bamboo  skewers. Stack in a reusable container and serve with ranch dip or a light vinaigrette.


  Greek Salad Skewers



  • Trade heavy cakes and cookies for a fresh berry salad with mint  or a scoop sorbet.

Image Fresh berry Salad with Peaches and Mint