Thai Soy-Garlic Fried Lamb Chops with Sweet Ginger Chili Pepper Sauce

lamb chops

These Thai inspired fried lamb chops are so easy! Just a few ingredients and a few minutes and you have hot, juicy ribs with a soy-garlic-rubbed Thai twist.

Serves 2 to 4

Two to three lamb chop racks (12 to 14 ribs), separated into individual chops
2 Tablespoons soy sauce
7 cloves garlic, roughly chopped
2 quarts vegetable oil, for deep frying
Sweet Ginger Chili Pepper Sauce (recipe below), for serving

Put the lamb in a large no reactive bowl. Add the soy sauce, garlic, and black pepper to coat. Let stand at room temperature.

Heat the oil in a large heavy pot over medium-high heat to 370°F. Working in batches of 4 or 5, fry the ribs until just cooked and well browned, 3 to 4 minutes. Bring the oil back to 370°F between batches. Using a spyder, remove any stray bits of garlic from the oil to prevent burning, making the oil taste like burnt garlic.

Serve the fried lamb chop family style on a platter with Ginger Chili Pepper Sauce on the side.

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