Cherries Are In Season……

Cherries Are In Season......

Life Really Is a Bowl Full of Cherries……and they are now in season!

Bright red and delicious, cherries are full of health benefits when we add them to our diets. Cherries are full of fiber, Vitamin C and antioxidants.They also contain cyanidin, which is anti-inflammatory a that helps with aching muscles and joints. Cherries also contain the highest amount of natural Melatonin which is known to regulate the rhythmic patterns of the body.

One cup of cherries are only 90 calories and for a healthy snack, just add a handful of cherries to cottage cheese or Greek yogurt for a perfect pick me up. Cherries are also that perfect snack, especially those who are on the go.

Sweet or dark cherries are usually used for eating and snacking, while the tart cherry is used for cooking and recipes. Just about every body loves bing cherries, but they should be eaten with care though……..they have pits in them!

So go ahead, enjoy a bowl full of cherries, today.