NEW: The Quarantine Kitchen Diaries

Hello Again, Loyal Followers!

It has been a while since I lasted posted and the world has changed just a bit.

I am starting a new series of posts,here on  On the Menu@ Tangie’s Kitchen, called  “The Quarantine Kitchen Diaries”.

Given that the COVID-19 will soon have many of us teleworking or under self quarantine, and there seems to be panic at the supermarkets like at a disco and you feel overwhelmed about how and what you are going to eat because all of your favorite foods are out of stock….never fear, because the necessity of invention is here. Over the next few days or weeks or months I will be bringing to you recipes and tips about how to stay healthy in the time of COVID-19……Today is the beginning of the “Quarantine Kitchen Diaries”, where I will show you how to use canned foods, frozen foods and dry goods that will boost your immune system and provide you and your family with something good to eat.

The shelves of my pantry are always stocked with a sea of various canned goods. There’s everything from an assortment of beans to canned tomatoes. Other dry goods like pasta and rice and canned  fish, like tuna, sardines and salmon are also kept on hand. In keeping these ingredients stocked in your kitchen pantry makes is easy for you to whip up a quick, budget-friendly dinner that you can make any night of the week.

From salmon cakes to a rich pasta sauce, canned pantry staples are the star ingredients in the recipes that I will be sharing with you in “The Quarantine Kitchen Diaries.

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