How to Choose the Right Apple for Your Dessert

Regular paring Knife cutting apple

Photo Credit: Kristy Kay, 2013

Do you love fall baking but never know what apples to pick? Here are five apples you cannot go wrong with for your next dessert.

Granny Smith: This is a very versatile apple. Many bakers call this their go to apple for fall desserts like apple pies because of its sweet and tart flavor.

Honeycrisp: This apple is great for baking or caramelizing. The apple will stay firm when being cooked and keep its sweet flavor.

Mutsu or better known as Crispin: This apple is great for pies, crisp and other autumn recipes. Its sweet flavor is similar to a Golden Delicious.

Cortland: This apple is larger than the McIntosh and the crisp tart flavor is great for apple sauces, salads and many desserts.

Gala: This apple is perfect for snacking and baking. It is a milder apple with a sweet flavor. The Gala apple is perfect for sauces. Parenting Team FC Contributor